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Hi Friends!

I wanted to use this space that I haven’t written at in almost a year to share some exciting news for our family. In Spring of 2016, we will be launching a church in the San Fernando Valley!

When we came down to San Diego 3 years ago, we came with the intention of helping launch Restored Church, as well as learning what it looks like to start a church so we could one day be sent out to plant a church of our own. Andy, our Lead Pastor of Restored, brought Brad on stage the very first Sunday and said Restored would be sending us out one day. Planting a church is something Brad and I have dreamed about since we were dating- we didn’t know what it would look like, where it would be or when it would happen, but  it was a desire He stirred in us from the very beginning. The past 3 years in San Diego have been some of the best years of our lives. So much so that we haven’t wanted to leave. We’ve joked on more than one occasion about dying in the house we are currently living in. We love our church, our neighborhood, our friends. The San Diego life is so good, not simply because of the beautiful weather, amazing restaurants & adorable neighborhoods (though those things are  true!), but even more so because of our community. Brad and I, and the kids, have been blessed beyond measure by our Restored community who have quite literally become our family. They love us, they serve us, they challenge us & they encourage us to no end. Consistently over the past 3 years, though, God has given us a weight and heart for our friends, family & old acquaintances back home in the San Fernando Valley who have yet to experience the radical grace of Jesus that has forever changed our lives. We would often talk about maybe one day planting a church in the Valley but the timing never seemed right. The burden was there but the excitement hadn’t followed. A week and a half ago, God put a weight on both of our hearts that we felt like we couldn’t shake and couldn’t ignore. We began asking God if He wanted us to go back to the Valley to plant a church and we felt Him saying without a doubt “yes, now is the time.” He began stirring in us an excitement & joy to see people come to known him, to see people grow in their love for Him & to see people experience the family of God in a very real, life changing way. After talking & praying with Andy and Jackie, the rest of the Elders here at Restored & seeking Apostolic input, we can all say with confidence that God is clearly behind this. We so desperately want the San Fernando Valley to experience what we have experienced- the grace & love Jesus extends to us day in and day out despite our brokenness. That being said, we are excited to announce that in Spring of 2016 we will be launching a church in the San Fernando Valley and would love to extend an invitation to all to join us as we continue to experience the transforming love of Jesus. Though we are incredibly sad to say goodbye to our Restored family, we couldn’t be more excited for what God is already doing & will continue to do in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas. When we look at the book of Acts, we see time and time again God sending men & women to start churches by making disciples throughout the nations. We are eternally grateful to be a part of a church family & Eldership team that values this, so much so that they care less about building a name for themselves and more about equipping and releasing men & women when God calls, even when the call is swift. God has called and our desire is to follow. The next chapter of our Story is the Valley.  If you, or anyone you know, is interested in partnering with us as we seek to flood the streets of the San Fernando Valley with the radical love of Jesus (or if you have questions about this love & grace we’re talking about), please let us know by reaching out via phone, text or message. We would absolutely love to hear from you & to sit down with you over a coffee, meal or a drink to hear your story & discuss future plans. Our desire is to be a church family who dives into the messiness of life together and watches Jesus grow us as we are continually reminded of the sacrifice He made for us. Our desire is to be a church that is on mission together, not just overseas but in the neighborhoods, work places & schools God has placed us in. Our desire is to be a church that hears regularly from the Spirit and continues to plant churches as we seek to follow Jesus’ command of reaching the nations. As we move forward, here are 2 things we would love partnership in…

PRAYER // Pray and ask God if He might be calling you to join us as we partner with Him. We are trusting that God will assemble a team of people who desire to do life together as we grow in the Gospel & share that love with our neighbors, co-workers, family & friends. Pray that Jesus would begin preparing the hearts of those in and near the San Fernando Valley to hear the Good News of Jesus. Pray that the Spirit would soften hearts & that Jesus would restore lives.

FINANCES // As all church plants do, we are beginning from scratch. That means we have to raise 100% of salaries, equipment, facility fees, and so on. We serve a most generous God who gave up everything for us and we are praying that that generosity would fuel generosity in our lives and in the lives of those we know to see people reached & lives restored. If you feel led to support financially monthly or with a 1 time gift, we would be incredibly grateful. Here is the link to support us financially:

Our family will be moving back to the San Fernando Valley come late Fall of 2015 to prepare for Launch in Spring of 2016. We anxiously anticipate the work that Jesus is going to do- how humbling that He chooses to use broken men & women like you and I to move His mission forward!


The Sarians


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